About our kennels & cattery at Valentines Weymouth

We have recently refurbished and expanded our kennels and cattery. They offer high quality accommodation for your loved ones while they stay with us. You are welcome to visit and look around and also leave you pet for a trial period before leaving them for longer periods of time. Please get in touch for more information.

  • We have 31 kennels and are able to board 52 dogs. They vary in size; our largest kennels will provide ample room for 4 dogs together, and larger dogs are often provided with a double kennel according to size. If you have more that one dog, they are more than welcome to stay with each other.
  • We provide beds with a vet bed interior for each dog, which is checked daily for cleanliness and changed accordingly. You are welcome to bring a small blanket, water proof toys etc. to make your dog feel more at home.
  • Our kennels are fully heated when necessary - at no extra cost!
  • Treats are given at bed time which is any time up to 10:00pm depending on time of year and the weather.
  • We supply high quality feed to our visitors but if you prefer you are welcome to bring your own, minimising the disruption to their routine.
  • Our policy on feeding is that we follow your routine as best we can, if they need feeding 3 times a day we do it. This also includes medication when necessary.
  • Please bring your current vaccination certificate with you. We highly recommend a kennel cough vaccination although it is not compulsory and the final choice is yours. Please contact us if you would like any further information about this.
Dog boarding kennels Dorset Dog boarding kennels Dorset
Weymouth Cattery in currently closed
  • We have 9 large cat pens each capable of housing 2 cats each. For each cat we provide vet bedding and cushioned pyramids for them to sleep in, however, if preferred you are welcome to bring along any bedding of your own.
  • Our cattery is fully heated when necessary - at no extra cost!
  • If your cat has any special requirement we will do all we can to make your cat feel at home.
  • Tinned cat food and biscuits are included in the price but if you prefer you are welcome to bring your own.
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